The idea for Leeada was conceived over bubbly at a café in the City of Lights, and born during a pandemic in the City of Angels.

Leeada launched in the summer of 2021, and is not the first collaboration between the two founders, Laurel Lee and Sarah Spada, who live and breathe jewelry, simply because they love it.


Meet The Founders

Both women have worked in the fashion industry for over 15 years, and together in jewelry for over 6 years. They started their first company in 2017, a jewelry wholesale showroom, Matdalee Studio, which was the first idea that started over glasses of bubbly in Paris.

The two have worked and traveled together extensively, bringing jewelry to all corners of the world. They immerse themselves in the industry and so many of their friends work in jewelry all around the world as well, which helps them stay current on trends, designs, and customer feedback.

While starting their jewelry brand was always a little dream in the back of their minds, it wasn’t until the world slowed down in 2020, and their work shifted from constant travel to working from home, did the little seed for Leeada begin to grow.